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By Kendell H. Easley

ISBN-10: 0805440585

ISBN-13: 9780805440584

Kendell Easley presents a Bible verse during which each one observe or notion is used, a succinct definition, and invaluable articles additional explaining the importance of every entry.

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One factor separating Roman Catholicism from other branches of Christendom is its claim to provide the right interpretation of the sacred text, to the exclusion of all who differ. ” Yet not all is bleak. During the past five centuries, the evangelical consensus about the nature of the Bible has been challenged but not destroyed. Multiplied millions around the world believe the Scripture is the true Word of God. Further, the classic understanding of the main message of the Bible—that which is necessary for the soul's salvation and for safely arriving in the Lord's presence—remains clear.

Jesus promised His official ambassadors, the apostles, that the Spirit would guide them into all truth (Jn 16:13). One apostle described the process like this: “No prophecy ever came by the will of man; instead, moved by the Holy Spirit, men spoke from God” (2 Pt 1:21). Inspiration also included such ordinary things as historical research. Luke, for example, introduced his Gospel with the note that he had “carefully investigated everything from the very first” (Lk 1:3). Thus, on one hand, we refer to the inspired writers of Scripture.

This is so because in today's secularized culture, not every human life is treasured. Further, challenges to the traditional understanding of marriage are threatening to undo the social arrangement that has provided great stability for both home and nation, throughout the world, but especially in the historically Christianized countries. Follow the seven studies in this section to come to a better understanding of the historic and biblical teaching on these important concepts. ” (Ps 8:3-4). 14.

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