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By C. Thomas Wu

ISBN-10: 0073523399

ISBN-13: 9780073523392

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11 networking. Today you will find wireless networking almost universally available at airports and hotels. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name five major components of a computer. What is the difference between volatile and nonvolatile memory? What does the acronym CPU stand for? How many bytes does the 64 KB RAM have? Which device connects a computer to the Internet using a phone line? 3 Programming Languages machine language machine code assembly language assembly code assembler high-level languages high-level code Programming languages are broadly classified into three levels: machine languages, assembly languages, and high-level languages.

1 Classes and Objects Example: 17 account1 We use a rectangle to represent an object and place the underlined name of the object inside the rectangle. This is an object named account1. 1 A graphical representation of an object. Moto-1 : Bicycle Moto-2 : Bicycle Jon Java : Customer An object name is followed by the class name. 2 Two Bicycle objects with the names Moto-1 and Moto-2 and one Customer object with the name Jon Java. class instance Inside a program we write instructions to create objects.

The system keeps track of all licensed vehicles and drivers. , class A for commercial licenses and class B for towing vehicles)? Repeat Exercise 8, designing a sales tracking system for a fast-food restaurant. The system keeps track of all menu items offered by the restaurant and the number of daily sales per menu item. When you write a term paper, you have to consult many references: books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and so forth. Repeat Exercise 8, designing a bibliography organizer that keeps track of all references you used in writing a term paper.

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