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Compliment for a great line. "A breath of turbo-charged clean air that does not regurgitate the ego-maniac CEO's selective reminiscence or an outdoor expert's misinterpretations. Hartmut explains innovation during the lens of layout, and it really is approximately time we received his beneficial perspective."--Guy Kawasaki, former leader evangelist, Apple and co-founder of "At Flextronics, we fell in love with Hartmut and frog, and their ardour for bringing loopy nice designs and layout methods into the vanguard of serious product businesses. We used their services to aid our clients, a lot of. learn more... Design-driven approach: staking a declare within the inventive financial system -- actual lies: the position of management in innovation -- Designing to win: the inventive enterprise technique -- Minds beat cash: the innovation technique, step-by-step -- A company layout revolution: the greening of planet, inc. -- Design-driven thoughts for higher business--and a greater global -- The factories

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Yes, the years have proven to me that many businesses are driven by a relentless search for better “numbers,” rather than a visionary pursuit of innovation. But I’ve also seen that those companies can’t achieve the long-term sustainable success that results from creative strategy and design-driven excellence. That kind of success requires strong leadership, defined by its strategic vision, its ethical commitment to serve people and society, its courage to pioneer new pathways, and its ability to turn dreams into reality.

The secret to this success lies in strategy and the Mittelstand owners’ passion for improvement and innovation. These competent company executives worked hard to become leaders in a difficult and very specialized market—a market that’s big enough to grow to a couple of billion dollars with staggering profit margins, but too small for the “global giants” like Siemens, GE, or Matsushita. The Mittelstand companies also benefit from their strategic locations. Most are based near mid-size or large German cities with very good universities, so the companies have both a local supply system for equipment and materials and a pool of highly skilled crafts people and qualified employees.

Initially, Ron was interested but, as our proposal went through Motorola’s internal “bottom line” vetting mechanism, the company decided that launching the new user-interface software program would require the efforts of three hundred people over two years, at a cost of $50 million. In other words, there was no chance that our idea was going to fly. After our proposal was jettisoned, Ron’s strategy was to “buy” market share with low prices, while also positioning Motorola as the mobile phone industry’s leading hardware performer—even though the new product designs for the SLIVR and other Motorola phones were underperforming with the same crippling user interface.

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