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By Edward Y. L. Gu

ISBN-10: 3642390463

ISBN-13: 9783642390463

This e-book offers readers with an outstanding set of assorted and crucial instruments for the theoretical modeling and regulate of complicated robot structures, in addition to for electronic human modeling and sensible movement iteration. Following a entire advent to the basics of robot kinematics, dynamics and keep an eye on platforms layout, the writer extends robot modeling tactics and movement algorithms to a miles higher-dimensional, greater scale and extra subtle examine zone, particularly electronic human modeling. lots of the equipment are illustrated by way of MATLAB codes and pattern graphical visualizations, supplying a different closed loop among conceptual figuring out and visualization.

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5. If a vector vi is currently projected on frame i and we want to know the same vector but projected on frame b, then vb = Rbi vi if Rbi is the orientation of frame i with respect to frame b. The Lie group SO(3) is also a 3D topological space, which can be spanned by the basis of three elementary rotations: R(x, α) that rotates a frame about its x-axis by an angle α, R(y, β) that rotates about the y-axis by β, and R(z, γ) to rotate about the z-axis by γ. 2) where each cα = cos α and sα = sin α as well as for cβ = cos β and cγ = cos γ as a conventional abbreviation in robotics.

3 Note that since cos φ < 0, it can be predicted that φ is in the second quadrant and thus sin φ > 0. 5774 ⎠ . 11) will result in a 00 uncertainty. This means that the frame is to be rotated either by nothing (00 ) if R = I, or by 1800 if R = I but RT = R. 11) to avoid its singularity and do nothing. 11). Nevertheless, in this special case, sin φ = 0 and cos φ = −1. 8), R = I + sin φK + (1 − cos φ)K 2 = I + 2K 2 , or K2 = 1 (R − I). 13) Therefore, you have to use this equation to determine K if R = RT but R = I.

Husty, M. ): Advances in Robot Kinematics: Analysis and Control. Kluwer Academic Publishers, the Netherlands (1998) 11. Cubero, S. ): Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modelling and Control. Pro Literatur Verlag, Germany/ARS, Austria (2006) References 13 12. : Robotics, Modeling, Planning and Control. Springer (2009) 13. : Manufacturing Simulation with Plant Simulation and SimTalk Usage and Programming with Examples and Solutions. Springer, Heidelberg (2009) 14. org/wiki/Plant_Simulation 15. org/wiki/Humanoid_robot 16.

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