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By Arthur Clark

ISBN-10: 1897425686

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The ABCs of Human Survival examines the impact of militant nationalism and the lawlessness of strong states at the health and wellbeing of people and native groups and the fundamental position of worldwide citizenship inside of that dynamic. in keeping with the research of global occasions, Dr. Arthur Clark offers militant nationalism as a pathological trend of pondering that threatens our defense, whereas emphasizing powerful democracy and foreign legislation as quintessential frameworks for human safety. in the contexts of heritage, sociology, philosophy, and spirituality, The ABCs of Human Survival calls into query the assumptions of client tradition and gives, instead, concepts to enhance total wellbeing and fitness throughout the vital offerings we make as contributors.

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I am a physician, currently a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary in western Canada. I am a citizen of Canada, and the widower of a woman from Iraq, Irma Parhad, with whom I shared my life and work. She was born in Mosul and attended high school in Baghdad and college and medical school in Chicago. We met during our neurology residency years in Albany, New York, served on the faculty at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, and moved to Canada in 1984 to establish a neuroscience research program.

We have almost no idea of the human creative potential we have helped to extinguish, of the chances for love we have helped to destroy, or the seeds of hatred we have helped to sow. To preserve our sanity, we shield ourselves from such knowledge. We return to our immortality systems. We pursue our careers to win the approval of our peers. We read books and articles that make us comfortable by reassuring us about our basic goodness or our [39] The abcs of Human Survival inability to do anything about all this — or by distracting us from thinking about it.

The investment that some scholars have made in their many years of old-paradigm scholarship may undermine their ability even to consider the concepts put forward here. Nonetheless, the book carries a message intended for scholars as well as the general reader. The reader may notice my repetition of concepts. A concept that appears in the introduction and in chapter 1 may reappear in one or more of the subsequent chapters in a different context. The introduction and overview is designed to give the reader an extended synopsis of the text; chapter 1 sets the background for subsequent chapters, particularly for the thirty principles that appear in chapters 4 and 6; and chapter 5 provides a more detailed case study illustrating the Principles of Global Community.

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