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They have been ladies of conviction and braveness, whose tales encourage the trustworthy to this present day. Now, Signet launches girls of the Bible, a compelling new sequence for lovers of old fiction and romance. this can be the tale of Abigail... To settle her brother's playing debt, Abigail of Carmel convinces her boorish lord to marry her. Then exiled by means of him to the lifetime of a shepherdess, she grows to like David, the warrior son of Jesse, who will come face-to-face along with her husband in a mindless war-and wreck her hopes of peace.

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I had tried to sound brave, but I did not feel it. Indeed, I had to fight the urge to call him back. ‘‘I shall see that he keeps that vow,’’ Amri told me as he took the smallest pack from his cart. ‘‘Come inside, child. ’’ I followed Amri into his dwelling, which despite the rainwater damage to one wall, was larger and better built than my parents’ house. Intricately woven reed mats covered the floor, while bunches of drying flowers and herbs hung from a wooden rack above my head. Stacks of filled baskets occupied each corner, except where part of the damaged wall had crumbled.

I saw fresh blood trickle from his nostrils and brought a damp cloth for him. ’’ He used the cloth gingerly. ‘‘Almost. Cowards. They ganged up on me, you know. ’’ He felt the middle part of his nose. ’’ We Carmelites generally avoided people from the nearby town of Maon, and they did the same with us. If they were coming here to rob our men, then Father would notify the shofet. Choab would take quick action and ban the wretches from entering our gates. Before I could go to my parents’ room, Rivai reached out and seized my wrist.

If this was Nabal, he had his faults, but beyond them he appeared an ordinary man. Perhaps there was hope in that. His extra chin disappeared as he regarded us, and his expression wavered between curiosity and suspicion. He made as if to speak, but the steward came in carrying two wooden tablets, and spoke in a whisper. The man set aside his goblet to open the ivory- ABIGAIL’S STORY 61 hinged tablets, which possessed an inner, thick layer of wax upon which were writing marks. He listened as the steward muttered and pointed to different marks.

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