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By Nancy Raines Day

ISBN-10: 0766011062

ISBN-13: 9780766011069

Discusses how ads has built, how businesses use it to attract shoppers, and the effect of advertisements on humans, fairly youth.

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Advertising: Information or Manipulation?

Discusses how ads has constructed, how businesses use it to appeal to shoppers, and the influence of advertisements on humans, fairly adolescents.

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60 an ad for Levi's® Jeans around New and Improved Ways telephone companies, such as New and England Telephone, to Make You Buy New York Telephone NYNEX wasn't even allowed to provide long-distance calls, alone let company did have some international ones. But the overseas holdings and wanted to project a global image. Another technique advertisers use to get atten- Few people can resist the allure of easy money. Advertisers know this. Contests are used tion is contests. to get people to read advertising material, to get people's names and addresses to get people to for mailing lists, buy products.

Experts is 14 a sophisticated opera- study response rates, evaluate "appeal packages," and determine which prospect lists to 27 Advertising: Information or Manipulation? Professional buy. writers letter an paid are average of two thousand dollars to select just the right six hundred words strings. A to tug at contributors' heart- "guilt gift" (a small pin, address labels, may be envelope seals, or greeting cards) make people feel obligated to give "ask," the donation requested, new contributors, The later.

Advertising. Europe's health ministers signed an agreement to ban most cigarette ads by 2006. Television Europe, and radio ads are already banned but the new cigarette advertising in plan would also eliminate on billboards, magazines, news- papers, and even clothing. 14 The tobacco industry has successfully overcome government restrictions time to contain this industry," and time again. " The companies are beginning to develop symbols or words that convey the product, preparing for a day when companies may be forbidden to even mention the product's name.

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