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She shot him a you-must-have-me-confused-with- someone-who-speaks-your-language look and squeezed by. “No habla Inglés. ” “But—” Alicia barely took another two steps before she was stopped again—this time by Nina. -shaped lollipop out of her back pocket and jammed it in her wide mouth. ” Alicia’s heart started to pound. She hated when people told her things she secretly suspected, but hoped weren’t true. But this couldn’t be one of those times, right? Nina was obviously jealous of her relationship with the twins, and was clearly desperate to sabotage it.

The blogs said he didn’t go to the party because he was mourning the fallen statue,” Nina offered, like it was the final piece of evidence needed to solve a murder case. “Not last night,” Isobel whisper-hissed while maintaining a lighthearted smile so the poolside pervs would still find her fetching. After all, that was her job. ” Nina dropped the gray sack and fanned her flushed cheeks. ” Alicia pulled a tube of MAC Lipglass in Lust out of her itchy side pocket. ” Celia adjusted the pink carnation behind her ear.

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