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Hence the main excellence of poetical or eloquent defcriptions of which the characteriftical j perfection from the author's judicioufly the mod efTential and ftriking quafelecting lities of his fubject, and combining them into fuch arifes picture as quickly revives in the a and ftrongly imprefles on his mind idea of the original. The fundamen- reader, a lively tafceauty of metaphor and allegory lies in their inunuating the analogies of things that of fimilitude and comparifon in their more explicitly -, propofing thefe analogies.

To objects by giving them which naturally have it not, tion to others, is an advantage peculiar to the by language ; for the reft arts, which a rela- imitate can attain the fublime, only by copying fuch as are themfelves poffefled of that objects quality (r). x3of 'Atao*? S IA. y. ver. 184. perhaps necefTary to repeat, that we here intend nly the fublime predfcly confidercd ; for the term is often (r) It is THE SECT. II. gffindcur and fublimity. 29 < THE principles alfo plain we have laid down ex- fublime of mufic the ; which feems to be derived in part from the length and the gravity of the notes ; (he former conftituting a kind of amplitude to the ear; the latter contributing to that compofure and fedate expanfion of the rnind, which attends the perception of fublimity j and is then compleated, when the artift, by ikilfully imitat- ing the fublime paffions or their objects, inand renders them fpires them into his hearers, confcious of their operation.

Imagination on the inconveniences which muft arife from the unfkill, We fitnefs of the ftructure ; we form ftrong ideas of them, which produce almoft the fame uneafy Of the 42 tafte PART of beatify. eafy fentiments and paflions, as if we I. actually experienced them ; and by this means often obliterate all the pleafing impreflions, which the other qualities of the object might have But when, on examination, the fitnefs of all the parts appears, the fatisfaction, caufed. with which we think on the {kill and ingenuity thus difplayed, communicates itfelf to the effect fo nearly allied to it, fo clofely connected with it by caufation and : we fympa- thetically enter into a ftrong feeling of the delight which muft attend the pofleffion or ufe of what THE is fo well defigned beauty of colours and executed.

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