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Salmon are known for their color changes, while sticklebacks are known for their mating dance. Salmon is a name for several varieties of fish. Before they mate, salmon leave the oceans where they live their adult lives Fish and shellfish courtship 43 A male stickleback fi sh builds a nest, which will be used as a place to fertilize a female’s eggs. and travel inland to the same freshwater streams in which they were born. As the salmon travel upstream, they slowly change color. They go from silvery-blue to vibrant reds and pinks.

A few are fertilized by sperm and grow into offspring. the more eggs a female animal produces during spawning, the better her chances of reproducing. many female fish and shellfish produce thousands of eggs at a time. when an Atlantic salmon spawns, the female releases about 50 eggs for each pound of her body weight. so a 10-pound salmon releases about ,500 eggs at a time. the zebra mussel is a bivalve known for its ability to take over lakes. Female zebra mussels release about 40,000 eggs at a time.

Scientists still have much to learn. 3 Insect and Arachnid Courtship together, insects And ArAchnids are the most common and most diverse group of animals on the planet. They can all be found in a large group of animals called the arthropods. Insects are small invertebrate animals with three pairs of legs, one or two pairs of wings, and three main body sections. Insects include beetles, butterflies, flies, and ants. Arachnids have a body in two segments, four pairs of legs, and no antennae or wings.

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